Saturday, February 22, 2003

Here I am, in the bedroom of Julio sitting in front of his laptop while he sees his magic cards. The thing is that I'm unhappy with the situation. He keeps talking of magic: the gathering (for those few who don't know about julio). That brings my attention to the logical problem of today "How to write in a blog". There's a part of me who thinks "Hey, just write, don't think anyone would care about this thing" and then is this parallel thought "Maybe not now, but you know that the world is full of coincidences =)" Yes, I think with emoticons included (I think this is a gift from my efforts to learn in lojban [Yes I said "learn in lojban", it's no typo, didn't tried to write "learn lojban"]) So no I know what to do with this blog... just let it be =)

A blog is also supposed to say something about my life, my physical existence, even though I think most... So well, yesterday at night I had this kind of dream about how the blog could affect my life, and just now I'm accepting the benefits and curses that would come with this thing. A long time ago, I was in a trip to Zacatecas with Allan, Julio & Julian and I had this discussion with Allan about the benefits and risks of letting one to be known. He asked me why did I wanted to be known by my friends (BTW, this blog is supposed to be read by them) and in that session I couldn't give him a concrete answer. Now things has changed, in my records I'm leaving my fifth life and I had an answer to this question. But that would be written after Julio and I go for Pollo. (I think my english needs some help... with this last sentence).


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