Saturday, November 28, 2009

I have just added this to LinkedIn, but I think this might useful as well...
I love Research. Academia is prune to impracticality, so what's the best place to innovate? Videogames. My goal in life is help achieve true Artificial Intelligence.

For that I have spent time understanding complexity, languages, and collaboration schemes.

I spent 5 years at IBM working with communication protocols, either high-performance or resilient ones. I love grokking languages so I learned Scheme, Smalltalk, Assembler x86 & Amazon, Ruby, Erlang, AS3, Haskell, Factor... I'm interested in the idiosyncrasy of human languages such as Latin, Esperanto, Lojban, Tokipona, Chinese, German and American Sign Language. In all the cases, I have either directly or indirectly benefited from insights I got learning them. I'm a better engineer thanks to learning how others find it natural to work.

I have spent 2 years and a half with the web as my platform. I have learned a bit about usability but the important things are the lessons found about how people and/or services collaborate to get things done. I have followed startups to see how they got successful. I have studied Sociology, History and Cognitive Science. I continually look for papers on System Dynamics, Game and Social Network theory.

Having learned CMMi and Scrum, right now my duties lie on the team management area (though I love to code my theories). I find risk management, knowledge management and estimation theory great aggregates to my tool belt.

I love videogames for the way they give me good reasons to practice all these skills. I'm nowhere an expert in any of these areas but I'm progressing and that's fine Rome wasn't built in a day.


Blogger Goyim said...

I'm back from the beach, this was a restful week. I've been working like crazy lately, not writing in my blog (for the moment) but this comment is like a a post. A little bit dissapointed (again) of the company I work for (all that greed, I hate that greed). Kind of dissapointed of myself and a little bit depressed at the time. I want a better job (I'd like to earn more money and now learn different things), now I feel a great web developer and I can add to my CV that I've done the main home page of a very important IT company (that's good), but I'm very far from my dream I always wanted to be in the Videogame industry but at this point of time I don't have the knowledge, I'd like to learn C++ become like an expert, learn a lot of Engines and be given an opportunity some day in some VG company... feel a little bit envy of some colleagues (as the perro who treated me bad lately when I asked what that I need to work on his company, he demanded to write a game engine, very high standards for me)....grump!...and I'm concerned because I'm supposed to finish a masters thesis that I've not started yet (because too much workload) anyway...I'd like to have time to do my thesis, not desperate and little by little get the time I need to learn the things I need to follow my dream.

Thanks for reading me friend.

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