Monday, February 24, 2003

I promised in my last entry to answer that muffy question (Err, muffy isn't a "real" word but I like it). However, today is february 24, as the timestamp must say... today is a national day in my country, Mexico... but feel no patriotism or nationalism, instead I think that 23 years ago, Jaime my friend borned. The special thing about this, other than the fact that today is a B-day, is that this guy, my pal, doesn't want to see any of the people who call him friend. Notice how many times I had say friend in this few sentences.

In this blog I feel no need to explain the situation that provoked Jaime's crisis. However I will describe what I feel produced in my petty world of made up of my peer group. It came as a maelstorm, and has produced pain, lots of them. I think I'm the less affected by Jaime's attitude becuase I had experience dealing with Jaime, but people like Julio and Padilla were given no time to defend their psiche of a poorly rational movement. Pollo and Allan, I am completely sure, would adapt to the new rules. Yorch and Omar are fairly separated from the peer dynamics. But Julio, Padilla, Pollo and myself, I think, have in some way feel bad about Jaime. But not a regret feeling, as Jaime would think, but the kind of feeling one has when it touches the irrational world. Trying to detect a pattern, a hidden motive or simply a reason fo rthe transgression of trust. Haven't asked them, if they too feel like Jaime has commited an act of treason to my trust... But all these words are confusing, part of a blurring thought. Today I will remember the good things that I had experienced with Jaime (many of them in his house) and that's the reason that I insist in calling him my friend.


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