Monday, July 31, 2006

Focus Memo Focus. So many things to tell, to sketch...

Last weekend was... "wow" sounds cliché, creating words a la "fabulantastic" sounds cheap. "Awesome" won't even start...Soo let us call it, Tao. Forgive me, couldn't find another word. Friday night I don't even remember, not because of alcohol or anything, but because the shadow cast by Saturday.

We went to play Gotcha! The experience was better than I remembered. The pain was less, the action more. Two teams, 5 versus 6. In the first round I almost got the flag, but was shot in the back in the middle of my way home. Unfortunately, I didn't eat well, before the game, so I had to stop and rest, until I recovered my blood pressure. Alba and camilo got worried about my health :S Sorry for that guys.

Then we went to alba's debut as hair stylist. Really fun. I won't remember talc anymore as dull... :D And well, I could continue, but have other things to do. See you!


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