Monday, February 24, 2003

Ok, this blog also must have things about what I do. Today I haven't made much so I write about yesterday. As any sunday I wake up late, I had two main activities in my schedule (that's more than usual, since I prefer to live the moment). First at 2:30 was Omar's pozole, second ET (Emprendedores Tecnológicos) meeting at 4:30. It was a strange situation to meet Omar's domain. Pozole was nice, even though I had more than enough. But the real surprise was when I was in his bedroom. It's full of spiderman, star wars, videogames, etc stuff. (Here's where a lojban tanru would be great =) I enjoyed viewing everything, it was like a museum of pop culture with enfasis in anime, sci-fi and the like. He was a great host, he even tried to avoid magic for that afternoon, jeje. And in the middle of that weird joy was my meeting with my teammates of ET. Because I was late, I phoned Mercy and there I noticed a change in her voice. Later I found that she was hoarse (Today I learned this word =). But as strange as it may be for the people who treats me, I let my instinct guide my through the signs... So I had this feeling that something was bad when I was driving to get not so late. There was Alvaro and Mercy. The meeting was unhappy because I think they felt they couldn't say me straight-forward their lost of interest in Ficus. They are right in their complains, we don't work enough to get a quality product. We don't really know how to make a company. We are a bunch of "students" trying to make a dream come true. And that dream is mine. What I proposed was to have one month to work on my product, I think it's enough to develop a decent proto who would regain the interest.

After the ET meeting I returned to Omar's house where I viewed "13 warriors", a long-time-wished-to-see movie. It was more than I expected in that I can felt the epic mood, although to anyone who sees it without that long-time-wish-to-see property, it would be just another epoch story.


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