Sunday, May 23, 2004

Yesterday was Diana's birthday, and I want to mention here how great she is, or the so many positives influences she has had or just the magnificent person she is. However words aren't needed here, so Gracias.

As a side note, yesterday I also had the pleasure to elect not going with Lucy to Plaza del Sol. The pleasant thing is that I chose to walk my way to the mall. I've always liked to walk, and having a car hasn't changed my mind. Now I can choose to walk =) (and what a great sky, was trying to spook me with wind and huge gray clouds as if I were to swim my way back)

On Diana's party all was good except for the part that I insisted on looking to the door, just in case someone appeared. Of course I several times pushed that thought down the stairs and enjoyed the night. It's good to be alive, so says the common knowledge...


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