Monday, May 17, 2004

Yesterday while talking with some friends that I met at MW, I had a brief chance to talk with Vania Rocio. She is a friend from my secondary. And was great to see her. It didn't last long but it gave me a smile for the rest of the day and even today when I was on the bus going to the work.

I want to share with you one anecdote, it was maybe '93 and I was on my second spiritual retirement (the first with Fernando). He gave us an exercise, "search for a symbol that represents your life". So Vania and I decided to went out to the mountain. David after some minutes, reached us. So, we three walked upside hill. It was a long trip, first pastures, then some kind of dessertic rock landscape, we passed a small wood and then we saw a man. A very old man. He wasn't in good shape, dressed with garments long ago tired. A slim dog as his only companion. On the background we could see a roof with two walls.

I think Vania was the first to greet him, and after a minute or so, we were really only listening to that mister, how was his life. Time runs fast in some regions of this country, and night was to fall over us, so we with great respect for that human being said "good-bye", and ran to our place. We heard a "God guard you" as we reached that small wood. I took a leaf.

So that afternoon we discussed the meaning of life, the universe and everything that matters, then we listened to wisdom and I took Tree as the symbol of them all. And every-time I see Vania I remember gladly.

One year later, on my third spiritual retirement, Vania and I tried to visit him. As in any good story we couldn't find him. =)


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