Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Yesterday didn't had an internet connection so couldn't blog :S Three things to say (maybe four if you know how I count). The first happened Sunday morning. I went with G?nter to the Soriana's parking lot. That doesn't sound so fun until you discover that I went to learn to drive =) Actually, I already knew but not cars with that mischievous stick that changes gear. Anyway I was pretty easy to learn, not so much to master. However, once I did it right for the first time I understood that practice is all I need. Yet, the important part here is to emphasize G?nter personality. He is a really nice friend who I don't see so much, but I only needed to mention my "need" to learn and he promptly offered his car. I know that Padilla said the same. Maybe I'm unfair with Padilla, but with him I have a older relationship, with Gunter it is a younger one. Another issue is that G?nter is very good as a Mentor, I need to say that he taught me more about my current job than anyone (even things he didn't know that I learnt). When I drive my mind is mute, which is refreshing (that also happens while doing excercise and dancing =). This time I used that time to chit-chat with Gunter, nothing zen, but hanging with a friend doesn't need to serve for anything, you already are gaining enough. I think next Sunday I'll repeat that thing.

Yesterday, I learnt a little of tango. Quite interesting. It was great to dance with Alba. Watching her, I relearn much about her. She is a strong woman. Tango is very demanding about who rules. And she wanted to have the pace =) At the same time Allan many times, told me you need to grab her with security. As time went both became better at communicating with nonverbal gestures. Of course the class by itself was excellent, having two teachers is the best way, I suppose. I'm excited to learn a bit more, wish Alba enjoyed it as much as me. Anyway, Tango is superior to the other rhythms. Maybe it is because it is more sophisticated. Allan, thanks for the invitation.

Today, I open my eyes and my room is bathed by blue tones. Silence all there is. For a brief instant I only see my feet, but don't know where I am. I blink, "so this is how it is before I wake up", just after I reopen my eyes; the dog starts to bark, the clock rings and where do all these blue's went? The rest of the morning I just feel strange with that incident. The world before I am.

Today I may have done something stupid. I told the truth without considering the implications. That isn't big deal for someone who claims "the Truth shall free us" (in case you don't know I copied that phrase and here am referring to myself :P However the issues is that I normally do that knowing what can happen. I try to make it even if I completely know that I will "regret" it. It is the same with lying, I know how to lie and try to know when people are lying me. I shouldn't stop thinking that there are bad ways to act...


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