Saturday, March 20, 2004

A rare favor I conceded yesterday, Chely wanted me to pray to her God. Chely wanted help on a special test. My first reaction was a simple "Sorry I don't do that, I'm atheist". However there is a little hole on my argument "Do it, even if you think you are talking to the air." So I had no real thing against doing that. Yet it feels kinda like hypocrisy if there's a God, but I don't so there was no way I could avoid it. There are so many ways to make me do things, it sometimes feels as if I were Fair Folk... just need to know the rules...

So I did talked to the wind, had do that for so long I can't remember. It was brief, to the point; but there is a part of me that still takes every oportunity to discover if there is a God... so there was a "Hi... if you are there... would be glad to hear from you...".

There are days that have closure, yesterday was one.


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