Wednesday, March 10, 2004

My day was like a holiday. People even said, it seems as if it were a Friday. We (ibm-tec-friends) had lots of just hang time. By "hang time" it's just that elapsed time when you stick together not because there is a special reason, but because one is fine iwht just hanging around. At the sametime another friend decorated by cubicle (which served as a way to see how fast I'm on tracking objects). I resolved that problem more or less like Alejandro Magno with the gordian knot.

At lunch, we had a nice picnic. Just like Merriam-Webster says, "a pleasant or amusingly carefree experience". And all the day I had that feeling of people trying to demonstrate me, "I care for you" "You matter". The static on the air had that touch. For that, thanks, gracias, xiexie, ki'e, merci, danke...

Let's see how Friday will be =)


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