Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I've been reading Jaime's blog. I maintain an email talk with Mercy about growth. I was made part of a 5 year life project which involves Yorch, Julio and Alberta. I watched an epic movie. I made her smile. I dealt with a high pressure problem with ease. For many that will be a busy day. For me all was about friendship. Yes I also said that I could make a program that can generate better magic decks than everyone I know. Just using statistics. And I even went 9 times to the bathroom, for maybe not so unknown reasons... But those events have no real importance for the immediate me.

This morning I had the goal of defining what I'm seeking for on women. On a side note, I thought I was a great friend. Now I don't have a clear image and will put my friendiness on trial.

I had much to say to Jaime. Many things to learn from Mercy. I have serious doubts of that 5-year project. And so on... My whole lone journey is and will affect more and more how I relate to people. I had at least 3 strong friendships that I'm sure will endure the process... I'll reserve the names for myself. Tomorrow I'll retake the task and the trial... now I need to sleep.


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