Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Today has been quite beneficous to this person. First a chocolate from mom, with no reason whatsoever. Then I had many good laughs. And to crown the night two jewels. First I got recognized by an unknown benefactor, as productive enough to get a prize. Second, I at last received 2 of the books I wanted almost 2 months ago.

I had casual communication with her, I'm in doubt if she has "forgiven" me for what I've done. We can talk via instant messenger, but face-to-face she looks away, or maybe I'm just paranoid. For my part, I think I've surpassed any bad reaction. And now I only want to regain a great friendship.

Btw, even how much I enjoy that recognition, I believe myself part of a bigger agenda which will bring chaos to the organization. when I have more proofs I'll tell my hypothesis.


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