Sunday, August 17, 2003

I've relearned something of me. More than simple "decidia", I stopped (well statistically dead anyway) with this blog for yet another reason. Cause of Padilla's blog. jeje It's funy but today for third time in a tree day sequence I read padilla's blog right before trying to write my own blog. BTW, I write this without intending offense or mockery. It's more the irony of the situation. The thing is (in plain english) I don't want to have a padilla-kind blog. Half the time I hear myself saying "And here goes one more cliché". Other times I smile at how different padilla is from me (better for both). And finally I sometimes judge him.

The part about cliche I can handle, with some frustration, cause I know myself guilty of writing on this blog similar phrases that have been repeated more than enough, until some have created a firewall against it. And yet with confidence is my belief that they have truth. So the trick should be to present the ideas with a hack... I know that padilla has the best on intentions on writing it, and has several times stated that blog's audience is himself; however I feel a blog should have a responsability.

Our difference makes my happy, our ways are completely different (as blue from a do). I really respect it for many things and I'm sure both think "hey maybe if he tried X thing he will be better". I can't stand without tesing what I believe. Can't get sense of a phrase like "You don't know what to ask" which I think is implied by "You don't know the questions". BTW, mail me if you understand those questions (w-ill at

I am in no position to judge, and yet I do it. It's because of the disparities between I thought of him and what I perceive now and then. Suppose it's an advantage of "reading" thoughts. Please padilla if you read this don't stop it, in fact I think everyone of us should do it. "Knowledge will free us" Thousand times in childhood one has to learn to keep your thoughts from your tongue. Out of education and sometimes cause hipocracy/fear or maximum beneficious... I think that is okey in the first phase of our lives, to learn to control ourselves. Learn our limits and our consequences, call it responsability if you must... But after a time, being frank/honest has a reward. Returning to my initial concept for this entry, one cannot/shouldn't expect to lecture people without knowing before hand that it may cause boredom, not favorable judgement as well as maybe epiphanies =)

I should conclude this entry with a story (following my own proverb).

There was a little dog who knowed not how to pee. Poor animal didn't knew human speech. How much easier would it be if they had tried to teach by a common speech. The way was easier just let him feel, the cozzy grass; the primal urge is the way to go.

How about this?


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