Monday, August 11, 2003

First of all let me explain my abscence. First I stopped writing out of my lack of time, yeah right you could say. Then it was more like no real urge to express anything, I found it out a place to write at office. It easily turned to "decidia" (I would stick to it until english makes a worthy word for it). Then I forgot. In all this time few people asked me to return to this place, so I thought, well it's no such loss. Afterall, I didn't bring into existence this thing to just write my ideas for me. But the real fatal blow was when I discovered with great pain that blogger had problems. I was really disgusted with losting part of this blog (remember always back-up). Yet I promised Julian that whenever I had internet access on my home I'll return. And I kept my word. Technically I was over, after fullfilling my promise.

It's fun how things got tied. After all this break I still had a minuscle desire to express. I fathom open books =) But there's much appeal to tell my story. So as any good engineer, yes, I call myself engineer (well I call myself many many things, so engineer must be at least a syllable of my name); I started with an analysis of requirements. Watching how green is the camp. Then some people spontaneously asked me about my blog. This two events mark the beginning of my reentrance to this world.

But I will try to find alternatives to blogger, afterall if I will work on this I would like some changes. First of all filters. How about giving the reader power to get rid of that "annoying lojban words"? I don't think of myself like talking with you of a theme you find boring. Of course it could destroy the concept of blog, or of this particular blog (but it will be fun to do). End of metaspeech about blogs.


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