Wednesday, April 09, 2003

On my last entry I said "I won't permit two days in a row without entry.", yet five days had passed... In my defense I have to say "Occupied/Busy". Didn't have time to write here. I have tons of things I wish I could write before ending with this blog. If were so nice to ask me, I had seen in those days more saint seiya than neede, played AD&D, went to my "CĂ­rculo de Lectura", not went with Monge and some hacking with my lap. In the laboral side, all goes fine. Another reason to not writing is that I don't feel comfortable writing here, without the appropiate time for each thing. In any minute I have to stop writing, and resume maybe an hour afterwards. So my mood has changed by then. Today I wake up with the idea of writing about trust (trying to not think about what will I write just the main points I wished to cover), and now it feels so vulgar (in the sense of vulgar magic). Maybe after eating...


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