Friday, April 04, 2003

I won't permit two days in a row without an entry. My hard drive of my work crashed, and that's the summary of yesterday activity. I'm currently reading The Ringworld Engineers, which is good. My interest in lojban is growing after a decline I had for months. Don't have the time to write much, and less to try to answer a muffy question... So this entry will be quick points to note. It's interesting that I had yesterday a sudden wish to read my tarot cards, and today I found that Allan wants to buy a new ones. I didn't read them, just shuffle them and ended terriblely tired; but learned a lot of the fool's journey. I found that my casual dislexia is phonetical (it ain't real dislexia, just typos). The thing is I switch by sounds not by letters. So I discovered that letters without sound are never counted on my dislexia... "uiqen" instead of "quien". I watched Libra fighting Aries Teacher, and it didn't trigger nostalgia, so I didn't watch it as "wow, that's so cool". And now I'm convinced that in order to maintain a good memory of them I must not watch it now. Just like tons of cartoons.


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