Tuesday, March 25, 2003

From the OSC I write, I came here mainly for Pollo, and he wasn't here. Well today was an interesting day, full of not-work activities. I talked with padilla about moods, women, health. I ate with Julio at work. And pretty much chatted with my teammates about work. It could count as work, isn't it? There is mandrake 9.1 and that's great. There's Neil Gaiman blog and that's great. Yet that's superficial. I'm not depressed, nor apathic. Just think I'm starting to have a dull life, and that's not an option I could live on. I know I have to do something, however haven't figured it.

Have strong feeling to live, to enjoy. Think have the skill and attitude to fly high. Good Luck. Good friends. Even have a goal. Yet think something important I haven't considered happens. A vacuum force that could wrap my youth if I don't check it. I have to think more about my life, the world and everything in between. (Sounds like middle age crisis to me. Weird)


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