Monday, March 17, 2003

Another weekend has ended and I don't hava an internet connection to update the blog everyday. I have little time so I'll be brief... Friday went to a kind of bar with work friends (there was also Yorch; who obviously was friend before working with us). I don alcoholize myself, so they started to have fun with "beer for us... and a coke". At first it seemed pretty boring just watching each other. We ended up talk about what can be done to better our laboral experience. I have to confirm that alcohol is a great way to make people fraternice and talk straight. Hope that talk could resume in a serious meeting.

Saturday, easy going a lot of reading, more than enough sleep. Then I went to Julio's house, watch him playing Final Fantasy. It was boring to see how they can call it an RPG. Then we went to Padilla's house where they played Magic for more time than I could count, at some point I really blacked out. A Zen state. No words. No feelings. Nothing. Then I returned and think maybe Padilla felt it. So I started to drink coke and eat chocolate to stick in this plane, jeje. I wrote an interesting story (in my mind) with the main concept that angels to stay in this world needs a coke, tabacco, or something so bannal that their pure essence would need time to clean it from their ever-washing system.


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