Friday, March 14, 2003

It's morning so I can't talk about what went after my last entry, it wasn much. These days while walking to the bus I start to think "Hey, let's think about your problems, ideas, dreams, anything while we walk". I normally just think about an ethic dilemma, a strong argument in pro or against X or about a new story I would write. Yet after ending with protector (a must for any sci-fi fan) I find a bubble of nothingness in my train of thought. So I only think if my will acts. It my sound so Zen... In a way I like it, however there is a part of my who says "You are wasting your time..." It's not apathy, my feelings (some of them in any case) are just as strong as they can be without being beyond the point of being obvious to people. It's not that I have no problems, they appear to be outside my active scope (i.e. they are out of my hand for now). Maybe is the lack of pressure... of a goal? No, don't think so, I've one.

I have not decided if it's good or not this mind state, feel free to send me your opinions.


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