Tuesday, March 11, 2003

As almost everyone who reads this knows, yesterday was my birthday. I could talk about what I think about being 23, "I don't feel different". However it was different from the last b-days. This time I wanted to celebrate it, normally I would try to live a normal day, but not yesterday.

The day went completely equal to everyday life, except for the ocasional greet from my friends. I had ecards, cell calls, mails, adv mails for my b-day, and instant messag. As a gift I got two little sheeps in a nice blue box, one form Pollo another form Monge. (G) if you want to see them. Now I only need a rose and a little planet...

The night was strange, as I found myself at sirloins of López Mateos. I was confused of why to be there. I can recall two things which I have to remember: 1) a quick and hard argument to explain why to believe in the atom or the stars but find difficult to believe in other things, 2) Padilla has once again evaded the "When will you give me a reiki demonstration?" Maybe it's me, am I so close minded?

Even though Pollo wasn't there it was the most named one... jeje I need to thank Julio for planning that show (the whole show, not the part about Pollo), and my friends for just caring for me. Gracias.

*Yep, another spanish word to add to my vocabulary in this blog...


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