Thursday, March 06, 2003

Today 93 people died in an airplane crash at Algeria. And you know what, I didn't feel it. They were "yet another". And then I remebered a talk with Pollo about how we can't let us feel every bad thing that occurs. He said that it's bad for you to care about how there are certain sickness that occur to people who couldn't avoid it, it just happens. There is no cure for them. That day I strongly disagree, because I felt that was like lying to yourself "this doesn't happen". However today I found a shell "don't mind, you didn't know them, we are so many". This was made without being aware of it, not conciously. I have always been of the "let it be" camp but realizing the repercusions, and now it seems I need to wake my sensibility. No, i'm not masochist just think I should preserve my respect for life, for those who suffer and for the world.


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