Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Yesterday at night I continued my star observations. I finally get to see Jupiter and I added Leo, Canis Minor & Auriga to my known constellations. I'm seriously considering to buy a 80 dlls binoculars I saw in the Gran Plaza... It's great to view the sky, and better with Xephem aiding me. I would have learned Cancer (the one between Gemini and Leo) if it weren't because Jupiter was just in the middle of it, jeje. I almost forgot Saturn... I see him also.

Well, let's try to continue with my "Feliz" topic... There was another discussion with Allan about "Felicidad" and sisyphus' myth. For those who don't remembered/knew, in greek mythology there's the stoyry of a guy who has as punishment to push a rock up the cliff, however when it was at the top it rolled down so he had to start again over and over ad infinitum. Is there anything that by it's own gives "Felicidad" to do? In that talk I flipped the question to somtething like: if life is just rolling the stone, why don't we just search for the appropiate rock, one which you like. This isn't a happy proposal in the eyes of many, but it express my feeling of "just choose what to do". So when I am unable to do what I want I have some options: complain, wait or change the rock. So I conclude that life is about knowing when to do, wait or change, and of course about 42.


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