Friday, February 28, 2003

More than 7 o'clock and I am at work, working. In the morning I planned once more to go in the afternoon like around 7 o'clock to digitalife, a computer store. However I can't work for now, mantainance has played against me this weekend, so I have 'til 9 to write if I decide the responsable way. I could easily stand up and go home, if I didn't liked so much my work (except when I am at work with nothing to do). This time I will try to explain why do I have this blog. Some of you, I'm sure, would have concluded that's basically because I want to be known by you. For them I will mark them with a "B+" =) But maybe just 2 of them will think "Hey, he could just as well talk a little more about himself" (some would say I talk to much in any case). Yet I have an answer, that explains this blog. I write here for the therapeutic results it gives (as i said before), because it's fun, and mainly because this type of communication is almost one-way. Talking in "kwyjibo terms" jeje, let's say the theory of "derecha", "izquierda" and "centro", I think of myself as "centro". I call myself a leveler if you wish. So when I am with someone I try to adapt (conscious and subconsciously) to the other one. So many times I defend an argument I don't believe, or act opposite to the people and sometimes I appear to think like he/she. Why I do that is another, yes you guessed well, muffy question. So at the end of the night, many times, I end up hearing your stories, which I do like listening. So I have this blog were I don't adapt to the listener. Am I two-face for adapting? Don't think so.

One last question-answer in this entry. Why an english blog? That's easy. No, its main function isn't to better my english. I have a trick to tell you. When I speak to you, face-to-face, you hear me in spanish; so this double language permits me to open myself without your subconscious acting so much upon it. Basically your low mind will conceive two Memos until you treat me and mix me into your brain. This phenomena is also seen when meeting someone by the internet first, or by snail mail some time ago. Do I think myself too clever for that? Mmm, time will say if I'm right.

BTW, the english schema also helps me to make words like "izquierda", "centro", and "derecha" appear as new words. Another word is "Feliz" which I will talk in a future entry.


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