Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I am getting tired of writing "in my opinion", "I think", etc. After all, everything I draft or describe is from my viewpoints. But I'm the kind of people who likes the idea of separating my statements from the public domain ones. For example it's public domain that the sun is yellow... however for every day purpose we assume that its light is white. But, did you know that our star is really more green? The reason behind our failed attempt to browse a green star at a starful night, is the same. The green color is in the middle of our visible spectre, so a green star emits also blue, yellow and red light. Well, enough of curious information. What I tried to say is that for me it's convenient to start using the lojban evidentials in this blog.

It is said that Amerindians have in their syntax forged the idea of evidentials. They(evidentials) just display the relationship between what is said and the speaker. So we have:

  • ba'a, I anticipate

  • ca'e, I define

  • ja'o, I conclude

  • ju'a, I state

  • ka'u, I know culturally

  • pe'i, I opine

  • ru'a, I postulate

  • se'o, I know internally

  • ti'e, I hear

  • za'a, I observe

They are more than enough to let you think of your own words... so don't be amused if you start seeing "pe'i Magic is a mental disease" =) This entry has taken me so much time...


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