Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I think it's time to return to the muffy question. It needs a lot of background but as I have maybe as much as 4 readers, there's no need for a full explanation step by step. In any case, there's my mail for personal doubts, jaja. There cannot be one in this universe because then there would be no difference between existence or non. ja'o to define an object is to define its boundary. There is a phrase "know thy self", that I respect for its simplicity, elegance and truth. So, being known is being defined, named if you wish. Many would think that being defined would bring stasis, but it needs not to be. I know that being more known may take the magic of how it works. But there's people (like me) that knowing the principles inspires my curiousity to learn more. Before writing a bunch of arguments in favor of being known, there's the question "Is it reachable to know thy self?" (Yes I was mathematician-mind before studying CS =) Is the muffy question a solvable? I think the answer is yes in that a minimum effort to meet our boundaries brings benefits. Is it reachable to know oneself completely? It may be possible if .io Siddharta was right.
Now I will briefly write some of my arguments. There's the feeling of letting one surpass death through the memories of others. For me, it's of no use but some could use it. But how about trusting in people. How can you demonstrate your trust more than letting them know your secrets, dreams and why not, your weak points. It's another discussion why I want to trust people (not very far but another one none the less). That argument is more concrete, more valuable, more strong, however it is restrained to people who like to trust. How about knowing yourself by seeing through your friends? "Nothing human is alien to me." Probably a bad translation, if only I remmebered the author of this quote I could search for a better one... The thing is that every human can sense what another one does (it's called empathy [a trait I plan to master one day]). So if you let them know you, you would be able to see the mirror =) They would adapt to the knowledge you give them. Everyone would act different, so you need more than one person in whom you would deposit your innerself. And you can mix the last 2 arguments to make your friendship grow stronger, everyone gaining new insights. And these are one of the reasons to write this blog... but that's another muffy...


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