Thursday, February 27, 2003

As always a magnificent sky is over my shoulders =) My ten minutes walk every morning always gives me this feeling and I wanted to share it with you. Yesterday I had another meeting with my ET teammates and it was completely different from the last one. The general mood was of cooperation and being entrepeneur. Here we discussed who wanted to stay in the Ficus project and who don't. Only our LAF is out, by her own will and Tuesday we will attend her house to be instructed in a basic level of detail in our financial plan. I know the reason of this seemingly surprise renewal of interest, it is that we may have a client. But as I have said in a previous entry, this doesn't dissolves my feeling of excitement with Ficus. (BTW, I need to talk with Padilla and Julio in case they don't read this entry... =)

Oh, and attending the sudden rise in popularity of this blog, based on the line with "Pollo and Karen", let me tell you that there's no relationship as you may think. I said that because I have found that Pollo mentions "Karen" more often than normal. Is it a post-thraumatic symptom for his denmark-departure? Is it another Karen? Don't know, but will keep searching.


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