Thursday, March 06, 2003

Happy birthday Nura! Well, it was yesterday but as you probably know I can't write about what I will or I'm doing... After the work I went to her house just to say "Hi". And it really was like that, she has in a hurry. She is Baha'i and had a dinner at night so in her house I was only able to watch TV while she prepared herself for the event. A quick chit-chat of what have been of our lives, a little talk with her friend and neighbour Ale about Canada and that's it. However the funny part was when she tried to give me a ride to my home, with her family. It was a stereotypical family trip, imagine the scene... One windstar with Nura's Abba driving, Nura at the right, her sister and probably an aunt at the middle and I at the back. All of them switching between spanish and farsi and discussing. The typical talk between a father and two sisters argueing against trusting people. And every time Nura's sister glanced me, she said something like "We are the telerin family", she was ashamed. The funny thing is that it always happen when there is a stranger with a family =) I know how it feels, and I'm sure everyone knows that feeling. So why the shame?

Today I have my "CĂ­rculo de Lectura" meeting, and haven't even start the book I supposed to read about Ana Bolena. Yes, a parragraph above I say I can't write about what I will do, but I'm talking about my plans for the afternoon... but how to read Ana Boleno when you have Cleoptra's life, Dragons of the East and Protector by Larry Niven? This reminds me about how can people don't like to read... lack of concentration, imagination or what? until now I know only of one who has in my eyes a valid reason to not read so much... In other news, I learned that Alfredo Saras borned the 8th of March.


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