Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Tuesday was a twisted day, from now on let's call it Twesday, jeje... no. The working hours were boring, wasn't capable of working. There are too many of us trying to use few resources. However after 5:30 the day became full of activities. Sorry Pollo for not calling you. First driving, this by itself is an extreme sport with my car, speed, 5 or more trucks, some traffic and a highway-Lazaro Cardenas route. I like it, even though many people don't like it. My laptop is at last being inspected, that was why I took the car, after all. They close at 6:30 and I get there at 6:15. After that I went to ComicCastle, it was near. I decided I would only spend up to 200 pesos and my change. It was very difficult (at least for me) to find where to park. I bought a Mage suplement and Karmatron #1 and #2. I am not normally a fan of comics (or I don't consider it myself), it was more the feeling of helping the national industry what pushed me to do this. Then was time to go with my mother, help her with laundry and give her a ride to my aunt's house. At 9:30 I had an appoinment my ET team.

I returned home full of things to consider, to think, to resolve and many things I wished to say. That night I didn't have time to watch the starts, I read Karmatron and started with the Mage one.

Don't hold the truth. Don't know the answers. Yet I feel that I'm right in being myself. It's too disturbing when two people want to be honest but at least one doesn't know if telling all is beneficial. Do I have the right to open a road whose way I don't know where it goes? I can't give promises, but certainly know that it may cause pain. When does one has the right to tear down another's one world? Is the other one ready? I don't believe in "ignorance is blissfull", I'm with "Truth shall free you" (In that I'm completely Christian); but where is the limit between freeing and hurting. So many doubts...


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