Monday, March 10, 2003

Sunday was a day devoted to my relax. I woke up late, read, ate with my Mom and went to Omar's house. There we played dungeons and dragons, that served to remind me how much white wolf is great! D20 is a good system if you want to fight, to play final fantasy; that's the reason I enjoyed playing that night, I knewed what to expect. But for Role-Playing nothing like the light, flexible and holly WW system. In D&D you gain experience only from the fights, so I doesn't matter how much you act, repesent, feel your character. And there's the need to constantly view the statistics, or just to see which die to roll.

As Julio see Magic as an important part of his life, I can see role-playing as an activity responsible for many of my thoughts. It has served me well to share knowledge with my friends. Many times have I discussed about the world using rpg terms as the common language.

By playing this thing I can live many lifes, many of which I wouldn't dare to live, some where I can experiment with things I normally wouldn't believe. Once with Allan, it was said that the major tragedy of human kind it's the infinity of lifes it could be, and being only able to live one.

And by far my main argument in pro of playing rpg is just because it let you play. At high school, Martha, my spanish teacher, told us that people aren't only homo sapiens, that we are also homo ludens.We are equally prepared to think as to play. Play is fundamental to the growth of human kind, and people need entretainment. Yet, it is not a distraction, an important part of existing, if not all, is to interact with reality. How can playing about imaginary realms be of any use to us? But here one fail to remember that if you get "Feliz", it doesn't need to give a practical result. So it isn't about the end, but the way.

"Poor of the guys who need to play to live, pity for those who say they don't need it..."


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