Friday, March 07, 2003

Happy B-day, Julian! .uisai March is a popular month to born... last night I went, as planned, to my "CĂ­culo de Lectura". I'm aware that, that part of my life is also nebolous to many of my friends =) The topic of the talk was mainly about how Mexicans hava a loser-education. How people in Mexico are teached that we were conquested by Spain, then we lose with US and how we constantly are under a government who don't cares about our poor people, blah blah. And how this attitude is bad for us and how history is very different than the one showed by the official books. One important point was that Mexico wasn't conquested by Spain, we born because of it. So the main point was how we let it happen, so we are finally responsible for our destiny.

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. Jean-Paul Sartre

It wasn't that funny, but I was glad to see them. The only problem I saw was that after two minutes everyone had the same opinion, they advocated for the same causes. And even though I believed pretty much in the same felt a need to compensate the lack of diversity, as always, it's funny to play devil's advocate, leveling a little. And at least I disrupted the talk once. Wouldn't you do the same for the benefit of the group? I follow the ravnos philosophy while leveling...

All the group is very friendly and mature enough to know the difference between argument and speaker, so a discussion/ open war is common and at the end of the night we are happy and no one feels bad in case his/her argument crashed. This time the point of tension was if religion borned or not, from fear. BTW, 3 outta 6 are atheist =) At the middle of the discussion I charged my atheist comrade when she mixed the fear of God with fearing the world. And I know that I was right with that. SO at the end I was acting completly by my beliefs (not acting =) And it was great!

In my house I starred, yet again, stars. Now Corvis, Boots, Draco and Virgo are known sky-torry, jeje. Jupiter will stay a time on Cancer so I will need a couple of months to see it.


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