Monday, March 10, 2003

After my little adventure, and a quick bath I went to Nura's house. First I need to explain the dilemma I had. That night I could have gone to Marimar's birthday (have I said how popular is March?). So I was in a difficult position, either go with Marimar, a cheerful girl who could become a good friend or with Nura, a cheerful girl who is or has been a good friend. Notice my poor description, a simple "cheerful girl". I like both of them a lot. But it isn't a friendship so strong, so trying-to-know each other. In a way I think, they share a basic personality (but as always are different in the real world). I had reasons to go to both parties. However I decided for Nura, partly because of the memories I share with her, a little because Pollo promised to go and just enough out of curiosity to go to a "youth meeting". In any case, I feel sorry for being unable to celebrate with Marimar.

Nura is Bahá'i. Basically they sustain that every religion on the world is really the same. That, for example, Judaism, Christianism and Islam is really an upgrade version, a better approach to how God is. For many it sounds good, even logical. I reserve my doubts that any religion is shared by two persons.

She has tried many times to make her friends (Barbara, David, Luis, Pollo and me) come to the youth meeting. I thought it will be a half religious event, but to my surprise it had a minimum level of "doctrina". It was a theme based event, none the less, about "Felicidad". I meet many people there, and that was different .ui As Bahá'is don't drink alcohol, it was a free alcohol and smoking party =) I even song. It wasn't a deep philosophycal moment, but I laughed a lot. Suppose the idea behind is "First let them know that they can get fun with us. Don't scare them as the church does". I thank Nura for inviting me =) So I suppose I'll continue to go for a while... who knows what Destiny has for me...


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