Monday, March 24, 2003

Another weekend entry:

Yesterday, thursday, I went with Allan and Yorch to Gran Plaza. We get our donuts and they their coffees. We talked about how college change you. He said people are in the outer layes different, but homogenous in a deeper level. Before continuing I have to say that in my experience truth is sinoidal in nature. It goes bouncing on the extremes and several times you find yourself in the middle (that's why relativism is maybe so popular). For an alien we may be seen as all equal (one head, two lungs, many worries). It happen to us when we see zebras in the zoo =) One layer down, we know that everyone is an individual, gets a different life. And here ends the road for many, we like to know how unique we are, yet we currently despise unequality. We made up the human rights, we are born free and capitalism plus democracy says we should have equal opportunities (even though some success while other fail). And we shall not go deeper, for pain is just ahead. Truth is pain (second time I write this). Several people in their lifes notice that in a deeper level we are much the same, even with different circumstances. That's why we have psycology, astrology and religion. There is something we call human nature that maybe is so hard to distinguish with all this make up we call good manners, culture, etc. And think Allan was refering to this, maybe archeotypes. And yet I sustain that there is another level, hold as tenet "No one can wash himself twice in the same river". Believers could find in this level what they call destiny, your mision on earth. I will call it freedom, freedom of will. But some would say it's a quality, a point, not enough to be labeled a layer. For them I have chaos, a realm outside the traditional frontier of reason. Someone should bless the uncertainity principle. For those pragmatic, who get bored by buzzwords I rephrase it as "You can't be equal to another person, just because you aren't equal to what you think of yourself." People are trained to discover patterns.


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