Monday, March 17, 2003

It's ackward to mantain two blogs. Well I'll continue with my chronicle of padilla's house night stay. Yes, too many "adjectives" for a concept, even for a spoiler =) So they continued playing and think Padilla wanted to stop just because I was there, and we went to walk. A walk kind of a mixture between I trying to describe Changeling, a bad Blair's witch adaption and a Magic: the gathering background noise. You may notice how many time I repeat magic. I will need to write magick for the rest of my life to keep the concepts apart. I like magick. When we returned to padilla's house I started watching Onegai Teacher. Here I wouldn't describe my complete opinion, it doesn deserve that privilege, jaja. It was good and that's all. I wonder what will Erick and Padilla would do after they read this... It may be fun...

We stayed at Padilla's house (as planned). And we even have a weird "care bear" role-playing game. It was fun. BTW, all the day was fun, I just repeat so much the m word so you can see what I perceived. It was fun because I was there with them. I did more things than what I describe here but they are "so desu ka", jeje.

*"so desu ka" is a japanese phrase that could be understood as "doesn't matter" but it has so more meanings...


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