Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Late but I will not fail to write an entry today. Monday was a Linux day, at least to my lap; and that was the most interesting part of the day (at least to me =). You need to understand that I'm ISC after all and having a PC, configuring it, hacking you could said, being a nocker, Allan would say; is a way to be myself, in a manner. I couldn't install the f***ing kernel source but it was fun, and I have Blender when I need to cool my brian...

Tuesday was yet another linux day, but upside-down. This time it was my linux box at the office, and this time it was it against me. The hard drive crashed. Today I'm still trying to resume my work, and I'm stuck with w2k for the moment, maybe tomorrow I'll retry Mandrake.

Today... I had an interesting talk with Hagen about love. It was fun to hear about being of somebody else, yet with economical separate lives. There I see the post-modern lenses we all have, even when someone has a "romantic" view it is shaded by what people call "realism". "Love is like the roller coast, you are waiting for it for so long, you get dizzy when it happens and don't know where is up or down and you end telling yourself how bad it was, that you'll never do it again. And after a while you try it again." Said by hagen, more or less (well in spanish...) I can't said it isn't true in a way, it just dispells the magic of it. Is it bad to dispell it? I need to talk about the muffy concept of "Amor". Is it real or just a pheromone event? Do I know anything of it with my background?


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