Monday, March 24, 2003

The last weekend entry for now:

I don't believe in life after death. But Allan asked how would my heaven be? (After telling me what other have answered). I, like yorch, couldn't get a definite image; but I knew what it wouldn't be. I envisaged a wood, there weren't computers, beds or anything human made (not even garments). How many times have I write in this blog about my feeling for technology, about my career? I love it, yet my heaven wouldn't need one. Do physicians' heaven have sickness? That's an answer. Allan inquired me (without the last phrase knowing) how is that in congruence with my everyday life? It appears that from time to time, Allan asks me something and I respond with an answer he would never have asumed. I never lie to him, it's funnier this way. Always gain from the muffy struggle. Probably the reason he likes to talk with me (amusement?) Anyway, freedom, free will is an import vector on my life. Some will point this as my main reason to be atheist. Don't think so, on another entry that will be fully answered. On the starry nights I observe them, in part, as a way to have the sky as roof. I look for clouds, in part, for the pleasure of being one. I dream and don't write them to let us be free. I'm ever searching for the truth to be libre. I despise money, yet I use it; but in my life I have no room for it. Free software, my career , my dreams, all is pointing to that just that I'm well hidden to make it happen. A subtle one.


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