Monday, March 31, 2003

LEFT to the reader... jaja

Today friday, I didn't went with Farfan, he didn't appeared to confirm the evening. That's a shame I wanted to talk with him. I had also scheduled our "Spring Break" event, named that way by our chiefs and having nothing to do with the beach wet-tshirts contests =) It was a laboral meeting, people with whom I work drived at 13:00, away from our cubicles to have a nice party(?) It was a no-alcohol event. People came from several teams and we enjoyed leaving early, and eating free. The organizers prepared little team games a la Liderazgo class. Yes, that doesn't sound great, and I heard some complains; but at the end of the day I was Feliz. Several of us did things with people we haven't meet before, and even better with people we everyday see and until now we had an excuse to saludate. Someone pointed out that it would have been funnier without those "childish games". I didn't agree. However the main point isn't this event, it's about growing. It's like if with age, there comes a resilence to accept new things, new concepts, new people. Long time ago a teacher said that high school is the place to make the best friends. And there's that kind of people who really think that it's best part of life already happened. From another side comes people who don't want to learn. And the list goes and goes. People are trained to think that childs can learn easier than adults. All of them see that life is a downward path from possibilities (almost infinity) to realities (certainly only one). I won't negate that entropy exist and rules a great part of reality, but why stop thinking there and sit in their sour life?
My wa y is hope. There are two forces who move the world: entropy and hope. These aren't my words. One makes friends by opening. One gets a better life by building it. And all of it starts by willing to, and the seed is a dream protected by hope. I have this feeling that people can mistake faith and hope. Faith is believing to be true. Hope is wishing to be true, and in my world that's a difference that matters. I don't want to sound like a cheap superation book, so I conclude this entry with a phrase. pe'i Life is about "keep going". Now I sound as a high priced superation book =)


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