Thursday, March 27, 2003

Written yesterday:

Today was a great day, not because one thing passed. It was a bunch of little good things that makes me smile while I read. Listened a mexican music history account on the morning. I am one of the few person I know who appreciate to learn history. Later, found myself chatting like if it were my unique job (2 out of 3 times it was really about work, team work, you do remember that I completely like the team part, isn't it?). I got more mail than usual, even a filarmonic event. In the brighter side was a Ficus mail, so you'll keep receiving Ficus news. My meal was excellent, don't know what was different but it tasted delicious. An hour before going, a surprise hungry attacked me; but I dismiss it as my reason to get that pleasure. Food, normally isn't part of my life, just happens to be a need that every once in a while, jeje, I fulfill. The afternoon was great, now a talk with Farfan and Monge. I will see them and who knows what could be. The "journey" ended with my and a teammate (named Jaime) who is teaching me how to make my work =) I could call him sensei or teacher if it weren't that I learn from him even if he makes it hard, jeje. His the kind of people who thinks one should work hard, maybe some pain, to truly learn. Gnostic, if you permit me to downsize the concept. He is a good guy who hasn't got it easy. As time passes I feel he sees me more like a pal than a tec-student-who-can-be-competence. You know, many times I have felt the tec-stygma (I don't complain it is an easy way to transform the stygma to an advantage ;) So if you reread my little good events, you will not find a miracle, or anything any people doesn't encounter in everyday life, nothing unusual; yet I'm Feliz. For the rest of the day, let's say 2 hours, I'll ficus a little and know it will be just as Feliz as all the day was.

Have I surpassed the bad mood? Don't think so, but everyday the sun rises =) I expect this feeling to be short, wasn't something I did (well maybe the attitude); but I welcome it.


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