Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Ok, this time it isn't a LEFT entry =) I returned home to late to write in my lap... Yesterday doesn't deserve much space except for my "Círculo de Lectura" meeting. We talked about many things but two are to be mentioned in this blog (the reason being htat the other topics aren't interesting enough). There is the story of the circus' elephant. Everyone should remember that in the nights they sleep attached to a stake. And for many it seems natural, part of being a circus. Yet we know and many respect the strength of that kind of animal, who can rip apart trees like we grass. So the question is, why are they kept by a stake? (BTW, I'm certainly against that kind of treat to any animal, but and serves us well for an analogy, if you want to see a circus there's always Cirque Du Soleil =) Since elephants are young they are tighted to the stake, and they try to free themselves; however their little bodies aren't strong enough to break it. So the first night they try for hours, the second they try harder until they fall sleep, the third agian, and so... By the time they grow, they have been effectively "brainwashed".

The morale of this story is obvious. People come to believe in chains that trap them, they stop themselves becuase they see that stake as unbreakable, when in truth its just a stake. I pointed out, that night, that as time goes we put more and more stakes to our life. And on the other hand that we must remember that the stakes aren't evil, that they can be conceived as tools with a purpose. And that reminds me of my arguments for the dreaming...

On a side note we had many small talks of the world and we somehow ended we virginity. It was a surprise to me to see the difference of opinion between men and women. It appears that men (of my "Círculo", in any case) see virginity as a state of mind, while women see it as a physical characteristic. That shocked me, because if that behaviour were global, then women wouldn't have the problem of being treated in accordance to their virginity (which in my opinion is wrong; women shouldn't be mistreated for their sexual life). If global population saw it as a mental state then it wouldn't exist those stupid attempts to prove or disprove a maidhood. Virginity wasn't important to humanity until 14th century or so. So why do these women (some of them are married) try to think of virginity as something purely material? My conclusions are that it takes away responsability if it's just like circumcision, then you have it or not. Women are amazing, do they complicate their lifes or do men simplify it?


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