Tuesday, April 01, 2003

LEFT for you:

Today it's still monday! I'm here in my lap after losing a battle with Bamboo (mdk 9.1) it appears that upgrading isn't tuned enough, yet. I'm ISC and today I feel the need to describe my ISC day. It was great, today I enjoyed from the benefits of team and lonely work. This morning I felt for the first time cozy in the jungle called source files. It's pretty hard to work with code made by so many, on so many times and under different asumptions. Yet, I'm starting to feel confident in my understanding of the hidden mechanism =) I start to know where to look without consciously seeking for it. A dump starts to have meaning and not just a parragraph of hex digits! I'm near to catch up a bug I have been searching for almost a month. In the team side, I am building a niche. I'm asked for things, and this time I can answer them. So I suppose my education is going as planned. There starts to be a hierarchy and people trust me when they ask, and I trust those whom I ask. Friendship is growing. It's slow, the tec label still causes some frictions. In the afternoon I read about design patterns and I'm sure that will help one day, part of keep going. And to end this complete journey through the roles and ISC has, the evening was spent trying to update my linux box. I chose to upgrade instead of a clear installation, out of curiosity. The only thing it went bad was that the rpm database is out of date (and that the new kernel deadlocks with pcmcia as before, yet I can fix that easily). Apache, mysql and the rest of the guys are fine.
I sincerely doubt that any other profession can give me the variety of roles, of rules and of things to learn. How can one study any other career if there's software on the list? I can imagine myself in others but what can compare creativity, skill, hard work, and so many characteristics you can develop in this business. And better of all, you can share it, collaborational work or competence. Only art, pe'i, can approach but then my career on my eyes is art, in certain cases.And for those with a pragmatic mind there is, just like it's for the dreamers.


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