Monday, March 31, 2003


In case you wonder, every last entry I have wrote has a name which are on inverse order by date: paradox, spring break, proof, hakunamatata, neil, normal, libertad, individual, amor. The thing is that in my way I follow the basic principles of magic: knowing that names matter and that the sound or word doesn't matter. I'm atheist, and anyone with enough time thinking about it will realize that I repeat it too much, as if it were a mantra. And then my friends you would have half the true, knowing the name. I borned pisces, don't believe in astrology; but they say I have a tendency for the mystic world (Leos want to attract attention, Scorpio have a knack for manipulation and Sagittarius want to be the leaders that rescue us). For my model it pretty much approximate key roles people play. And it's and extremely lucky fortune that it resembles the daemenor of so many of my friends =) Yes I "studied" astrology a life ago. Magic is a wonderful thing. Magic is not pretending or tricks. The main concept of true magick is will. Volition as the fulcrum of making reality your playground. And that is true in this world, following rules as always (just like ancient, fairy magic says). People live in a people world. Few wish to leave outside of humanity, and as long as people change because of others, there will be a magic in life. We cannot challenge the natural laws but convincing a person of what you wish is the definition of magic for many, afterall...
A tale who tells of magic is a story who speaks of humanity. Dragons, gods, fairies, and energies are symbols; and symbols are power sources. Freedom, money, numbers are symbols, so don't be mislead there's magic in the world. Know the name.

Don't think there's a destiny or that life has given us messages al around the view to help us leave a better life. No there's no one but people who make things happen. And your better ally is of course yourself. The way I see it, I can view the stars and think "Hey I'm so small" and then when you think yourself so clever you can remember them, and there you have it a symbol. The earth has billions of years and will survive your life span so much that there's no hope you will be remember in the end. How about using this when you are ashamed? And you can make symbols as you wish. Of course there's danger in using it too much, lying to yourself is a possible outcome; so you must remember that they are tools. Don't miss the moon for a finger. And that's my brief essay of magic written by an atheist. So it doesn't matter.


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