Monday, March 31, 2003

LEFT to you...

Yesterday, saturday we had a great Ocioso day. Yes I know, I keep writing one day late, but there's so much I can make of a day and one day of subconscious filtering makes it more precise, a finer quality concept :P Well, there we were (yorch, julio, jaime, padilla, victor and blanco) a night that promised a lot of anime, which I frankly didn't want. Like anime just not in excess, and less if you consider that much of it I already saw. I persuaded them for a quick chat in the balcony of padilla's house. And here more than before it was perfectly clear how different we, the ociosos are. I like diversity, yet it doesn't help in mantaining a clear line of thought. Nonetheless it was fun and dynamic. A little after we started with Laputa. I knew the concept and I even had a background paper of it for more than i can remember. It remind me of the good things that anime has, and a kind of nostalgia aroused in me, the kind of "oldies are better" and then I remind myself of Spirit Away, which I haven't see. The day and film ended and we returned to our house. There isn't much to describe and the point for this entry is that it doesn't need to be a muffy thing to interest me, and that there's no need to extract an ethical rule or universal law from each thing. Just to let you know. Paradox is the word for this entry =)


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