Monday, August 11, 2003

Let me remember. Today I found the next proyect I'll be working on. I expect it more than happy, I wished to be there when I first here of it. The dark side of this story is that I'm afraid of my current proyect. I feel pressed cause I had 'til september 10 to work as hard, then jump... I want to leave a finnished job, so I'm seriously thinking on working extra hours. In fact I'm in middle of compilation =) (at home =). This "morning", we (my team and I) posed for the team photo. And I wondered in midmeeting how long will this team be. Yeah, anyone who knows me will find it strange, I'm not about longing. I'm more tao, and even if I like them and find it so cozy I have always considered that life is about change.

So why do I thought that, or why do I remember it? Well, I discovered how much I have advanced on status level inside this team. So? And I think I'm on the right track for now, yet this path cannot continue for long. In what moment will I fly? Fly from my team, in any case. So should I continue until the stars are on the right position (maybe waiting until Cuthulhu rises?), until the last of the people I've come to respect/admire/care goes away, til I'm about to explode and need with all my soul a change or just jump if I don't see myself as working forever here?

Waiting for opportunities is as best lame, one should produce it or at least be prepare which give us the worst case, waiting forever. I'm not about being the last for the sake of being it. I understand that there's no case to live a life you don't, however this ain't my case. Should kids go work instead of studing? Should painters avoid sketches?


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