Saturday, August 23, 2003

There are tons of things I'ld write here: mandarin, günter's b-day, chely's b-day, terminator 3, order of hermes, megaman, yet another talk about my work and life. Too much for one entry, maybe. So what? Take breaks. Sorry there's a little pollo in my psyche. Well there are little . And I'm not talking about a evangelion-kind of another person. There is certain resonance on people I meet. Maybe that's why I can relate to them, bullshit that last thing is crap I just said to train you to a point.

Every persons is unique and everyone is equal. In that i believe, no matter how oxymoron it may sound and how cliched it is by our current standards. Once upon a time, at Oaxaca (On "Misiones" for whoever was curious), I realized that we like to believe that we are equal to mantain it simple. World isn't fair and there are people with definitely more skills, knowledge and traits on general. An old friend said that there will be always a better one than you on anything (which is aproximately fine on daily life). Yet I always mantained that it was wrong (what a surprise isn't). But we had a point, in the absence of a perfect man we are better with the equal falacy. However my "everyone is equal" is more on the human essence/tragedy/comedy than on the superficial level. Uhm He is named José Godinez, anyway. But the original promise (you see, I've already covered why we are equal in previous entries) was to prove that it's wrong to think that one befriends only people with whom you can operate. The answer is because in a basic level we are all compatible. Yes, even when two men on a lone island will kill one another, they are compatible. My proof is we have the same basic needs, so in theory that should be enough to establish a favor-kind relationship. BTW, I'm currently on a project about this theory. Can I befriend some one who I as well may call it cuasi-shadow? The term shadow was long ago taken my brother. Later on this topic.

Ok time for a break.


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