Friday, January 23, 2004

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay

That day had 3 main issues to tell you. Social dynamics, combat and the lone journey.

At lunch I was able to perceive 2 social structures different in details, same principles. I'm talking about two generations of my career. The thing is quite obvious after you spend some time hearing the conversation. Both groups tend to talk about past shared experiences, and both produce an imaginary enemy outta certain person whom they dislike. It's a typical case of peer group found in the early adolescence. The important thing here is that both groups can see the other one as childish because of this behaviour. When individuals aren't inside that groups they act more rational and more like themselves, I think/hope. This produces several ideas, for example how peer groups can become a personality jail.

Yesterday was also my first Tae kwon do, I really like the time I pass there. I end up all tired and my muscles have some pain, but as it is said, I think better the rest of the time. However, having a "real-time" fight with a comrade is a rush of adrenaline. Even knowing both don't want to hurt, just trying to beat the other one is real fun. It's part of my animal heritage, I presume. I learned 2 moves, just to have it written here: I entered this thing to better my body, not for fight, but it's so fun =)

I'm a little tired so later, with any luck I'll write about the lone journey.


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