Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I'll try a short entry... a few hours ago (while I was on my chinese class) I practised por a future 24-hours comic. Wow, I was astonished. Yesterday I was thinking if I could do a 24-hour comic. I got to the conclusion that I had nothing surprising to tell, nor the artistic ellegance to display anything new. I had tons of ideas, but I thought no one would like to read about... I considered writing about my life, ethic, something personal. But, who would appreciate it (except maybe my friends). My target market is "someone glance it, maybe on a wall. He should have at least the interest to review it..." So it shouldn't be so deep, just a hook at first.

On that lesson I had few moments to think about that comic. So I attempted a 3-box strip with only 15 minutes. Nothing fancy, no ink or real character development. And I'm surprised. I worked without thinking. No message to tell, just a thought to share. And that's it. If I've time I'll scan it.

I have a pending of writing here about my experience with tarot... I just need more, jaja.


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