Monday, February 23, 2004


You know, there are two kinds of people. Those who receive a "coi" as welcome message and those who not. Anyone who receives one is acknowledge as part of my life. Of course there are other people inside it, who doesn't receive it. It's just that coi-ing people is more true-memo. Anyone who spends enough time with me, eventually, know my linguistic behaviours. I still can't read but the simplest phrases bau la lojban. Chinese is for now on the top...

So why to put that paragraph here? Well, it was one of these things I wanted to say. You see, I (as I'm convienced everyone) have a few special tibbits of personality, you can call them quirks if you desire. And most people, only know that for instances I don't use wristwatch; now I'm in the mood of trying to make an exercise. Try to find your quircks and discover why you do that. (I don't use clocks, because I won't enslave my mind on frozen time.) No I'm not nutty (nor naughty...) Sometime I'll describe with more detail the obvious symptoms of fight for freedom.

I don't have enough readers, to really expect anyone to do this, but have fun.


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