Saturday, February 28, 2004

Allan once more gifted me with one special quote. "By someone proclaimed atheist, you are too cristian; except on believing on Christ issue." He has done this with phrases like "ZAZ!" (which has a pretty interesting story, who would be here if I could remember it) or many others who really aren't so conmemorable compared to these two...

My first reaction was astonishment. To be true, it wasn't the first to tell me this. It was me, of course, several years ago... If I were other, I could have tryied to convince him against that argument. Or become defensive. I was startled. Even more because Alba and Monge half heard about it. Monge half-knows my philosophy background. So in some ways it was the same as when I'm pushed to explain why I'm atheist. I feel they need background to understand me.

At the same time, I have to put it simple for anyone who reads. I'm atheist. Being what I am, doesn't mean that I cannot recognize jewels of wisdom in the religions around the globe. Having a similar ethic on the surface is really not so difficult to have in this world. It is my belief, that most people who claim being of the same religion, aren't in fact. They had their view of their God. Only they don't recognize it openly, because they treat religion lightly.

Until recently I cannot remember an episode of my life, were I negated anything from my past life. I didn't had the "I'm a grown-up, toys aren't for me", "I'm grown up, adults don't cry", and so on. I went out of boyscouts movement for many reasons, many aren't so grateful to remember, nonetheless I follow what I learned there. The same applies to catholicism, thirteen or so years of my life, would not be "erased" just because I don't believe in a basic principle of that system. I took what I saw fit, when I left that house. However I must assure you, that I have done extensive basement redesign. Maybe you see that I have divided dinner room from the kitchen, but it was because it fits in my paradigm, it has a reason behind. And you may not believe what you may find on the second floor, because it isn't what you expect.

On the other hand, it is good to have a common language to cooperate with christians. On a side note, I'm centre. Caring about people isn't just for the right wing, I see it as human instinct. I don't have a greater than myself project. (I know this seems to contradict the ' I feel they need background to understand me.' principle, but there is time to explain, at least here =)


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