Friday, March 19, 2004

Today hasn't been a fine day, by no particular reason I got the idea that it wouldn't be one. So I started the morning all down and after a couple of interesting chats I returned to "normal" emotional level. One was about life and living a good life, the other about how I became atheist. It always amaze me how talking about felicidad gets me up. Kinda virus rewriting my mood. The other side of the coin was the atheism process. Up until a pair of years ago, telling about that was really shocking. It was a hard experience and I can never really tell how it happened. Part of me thinks that pain caused a bubble on my memory. Or maybe there is something I subconsciously don want to accept or remember. This time it served me to remember why I am the man I am. I don't think any of the other sides of the talk got to discover what I gain from them. Just to give you a "complete" picture, every time I tell that story it cames somewhat different. I hope it is because I'm getting myself better at understanding myself. However some part is afraid of revisionism...

So if I got better why was it not "a fine day"? Because I wished to do something on the afternoon. So I started a minimovement to discover what can we do? By we, I refer people from the work... I was even attracted to the idea of going for micheladas. It wasn't meant to be, maybe. And that was when I returned to my morning mood. If I were to read this blog, I would say something on the lines of "He obviously has an inner problem, not resolved. He is trying to be distracted. " I know myself better than that, but I'm right. I think I had pretty much amazed the complete set of what is one of my mayor issues. However until I do get to something more stable I'm unwilling to write here what I have. So why tell you this? Because it is possible I will be all screwed the next time you see me.

Have you noticed that sometimes I overemphasize things? Knowing too little is more dangerous than being ignorant. By the way, if you know how to add the "comments" feature, tell me.


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