Saturday, March 20, 2004

I did as I promised, I took dance lessons. It was strange to go, but once there it felt pretty normal. The start of the class was strange, 'cause i thought I were by mistake in an aerobics' class. It was to warm up, but would imagine there will be one for dancing... In two hours I heard so many types of rythms that I lost count. Every song was different. It wasn't as Allan told me, about "well this month we have cumbia". And on my sight it was better this way. Maybe because I prefer learning from top to bottom. As expected years of not dancing has bad body dexterity consequences, in particular my hip. I consider myself a good observer, and, I think, it was what got me fast on the right track. It was very enjoyable and didn't get on the "1-2-3" vice of dancing. I kept my thoughts out of this experience. The problem may be that I can't remember where to put the foots, until I hear music... Another issues is composing dance...

BTW, the class has with me just 6 people, only another man. Most of them are aged women... the bright side is that I came to learn to dance :)

P.S: it's more excercise than I imagined, or maybe it is the season...


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