Saturday, March 27, 2004

Today went another lesson. My clumsiness has catched up, but hey I'm for it. The good thing is that my previous advance was easy to remember. Today was all about cha cha, foxtrot and rock. It is pretty amazing how 3 simple moves are all you need... The discovery of today is just how different is dancing alone than with a partner, specially for men. I'm supposed to tell her what should be next, just using my arms. (I do understand that all this is well known, but the point is to exalt the subtle communication dancers have). This kind of dance is better for couples, for me... well, it continues to be fun. There was a new woman student, which is good. There I discover to simple things: women are naturals for moving =) and a man who knows how to dance does even more wonders with how she looks.


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